• Fish

    • Filet of pike perch

      17,20 €

      served with a white wine-dill sauce, root vegetables and truffled pumpkin mash

    • Filet of wild salmon

      18,20 €

      served with a coriander-ginger sauce, asian vegetables and green linguine

    • Game

    • Sauteed strips of deer

      16,80 €

      in a sherry cream sauce, mushroms, „Spätzle“ and a mixed salad

    • Deer steak with pan fried forest mushrooms

      19,50 €

      served with a red wine sauce, „Schupfnudeln“, brussel sprouts and pear chutney

    • Local game platter

      20,80 €

      with medailions of deer, wild boar and pheasant, served with a cepes mushroom sauce, potatoe beignets and panfried savoy cabbage

    • Braised leg of wild hare

      14,80 €

      served with potato- and bread dumpling and red cabbage